Questions & Answers

    • How long can my Trophy Tresses hair extensions last?

    Longevity varies depending on how well the hair is taken care of. With proper care, your extensions can last for 12 months minimum. Gentle maintenance including shampooing, conditioning, protection, and proper styling will help with the durability of your extensions.

    • What is the definition of Virgin Hair?

    "Virgin" meaning guaranteed to be unprocessed, free of any hair color or chemicals; retaining all cuticles in its original healthy state.

    • Does Trophy Tresses hair extensions shed?

    It is typical for hair that has been assembled to be stitched on a weft to experience minimum shedding which is absolutely normal. In terms of minimum shedding, the hair should never have a noticeable or drastic decrease in its density or volume. However, proper maintenance is extremely important and advised.

    • Can Trophy Tresses hair extensions be colored?

    Yes, Trophy Tresses provides 100% virgin human hair that is not processed in any way. The hair can be colored but once virgin hair is treated in any way, it is no longer virgin. We recommend that you color or process your Trophy Tresses with a professional.

    • How much does each bundle weigh?

    All of our Trophy Tresses bundles weigh about 4 ounces. 

    • What is the difference between a frontal and a closure?

    Trophy Tresses offers frontals that are typically 13×4 inches. Frontals offer more diverse styling choices because they cover from “ear to ear”. However, frontals generally require consistent maintenance. Maintenance including professional styling, cleaning and even replacement due to normal shedding overtime. On the other hand, Trophy Tresses closures are typically 4×4 inches and cover a portion of the head. Styling options are not as diverse, but closures require less maintenance than frontals. Closures can be shifted from middle to a side part in the case of wearing a wig.

    • How much hair do I need to order?

    The key to determining how many bundles to purchase depends on the lengths you are wanting. As all bundles are the same weight (100 grams), the longer bundles have shorter wefts, and the shorter bundles have longer wefts. For a full sew-in, we recommend 3-4 bundles of hair. For lengths over 22”, we recommend ordering 4-5 bundles of hair. If you desire an install with a lot of volume, you will need 4-5 bundles or 4 bundles with a closure. A closure is a great addition to your install, as you will have no leave-out. This is considered a full protective style, and none of your hair will be exposed.